Smoke and fire damage cleaning services in Aberdeen: Nova Clean

cleaning after fire smoke damage aberdeenHas a fire unfortunately broken out in your home or business? You must be feeling distraught and lost: where do you start to clear the building? How do you clear and clean it? Should it be cleaned up and renovated? These are just some of the questions that are running through your mind... Don't worry Nova Clean provides fire damage cleaning services in Aberdeen, and smoke damage restoration. We'll be there to guide and support you through this ordeal and get your building back in shape.

What damage should be dealt with after a fire?

A fire is a special case because it causes a lot of damage. If you are the victim of a fire, it is best to call in Nova Clean as soon as possible:

  • remove the contents of the building (using containers if necessary)

  • clean any salvageable items (furniture, appliances, etc.)

  • schedule the removal of bulky items


fire smoke damage cleaning aberdeenAfter a fire, it's important to do more than just assess optical pollution. A fire is in fact a chemical process which, after some time, results in the definitive deterioration of elements which, at first sight, seemed intact. To achieve optimum restoration results, professional identification, recognition and treatment are of vital importance. This is a job for specialists. We are the craftsmen of fire restoration and offer a complete range of restoration services.