Hoarding houses cleaning and disinfection in Aberdeen: Nova Clean

Our company offers hoarder cleaning services in Aberdeen and area, clearing out and disinfection after compulsive hoarding disorder.

hoarding disorder cleanup aberdeenTotal or partial clearing out

(at the customer's request) is offered, including :
- removal of miscellaneous objects, furniture and household appliances to be disposed of and taken to the waste collection centre.
- removal of rubbish (household refuse and waste of all kinds), which must be disposed of and taken to the waste collection centre.
- sorting objects (furniture, electrical appliances, electronic equipment, etc.) and personal effects (including important documents), which must be kept (the customer or relatives can also collect them at any time).

Cleaning of the hoarding house including :

- in all living areas: stripping, vacuuming of dust and cobwebs and thorough cleaning of all surfaces, including floors and ceilings;
- cleaning doors, walls, skirting boards, windows, glass, pipes, sockets and switches;
- descaling and cleaning the bathroom and toilet (unblocking if necessary);
- Degreasing of the kitchen, which will be systematically cleaned from top to bottom, including storage units and electrical appliances, which must be preserved.

hoarding disorder cleaning aberdeenDisinfection after hoarding disorder including :

- disinfection of all the areas to be treated using our range of professional products;
- sorted furniture and objects to be kept are set aside, cleaned and disinfected.